We are all guilty of a little self-indulgent holiday overshare, whether it’s bragging to your work colleagues that you’ve left the office for a couple of weeks or making sure everyone and their dog knows you’re lazing on a beach.

There are, however, several travel-related social media statuses that really do drive you wild, and can make the urge to hit the ‘Unfriend’ button overwhelming…


1. The holiday countdown

An all too familiar hallmark of the soon-to-be holidaymaker: about a month before jetting off to their exotic location, up pops the countdown. Cries of “one month to go”, “ten days to go” and “one day to go”. Yes, we realised you were off on your jollies about a month ago, adding a countdown timer app to your Facebook page is a step too far, people.

Image credit: Carissa Roberts / flickr.com

2. Packing my case

We’re not sure that anyone cares that you’re packing your suitcase, unless it’s your local burglar of course. Stats have shown that over 50% of holiday makers update their social media statuses before they go away, leaving themselves incredibly vulnerable to criminals watching not just their homes, but their social sharing.

Image credit: Camilla Ruda Lopez / flickr.com



3. Airport Check In

If you hadn’t realised that your Facebook/Twitter friend was off on their jollies (via the countdown app they’ve been using over the past thirty days), then the trusty airport check-in will keep you up to speed. Whether it’s a selfie on the plane or a check-in at the airport bar (no matter what time of day it is!), this just isn’t going to help you get through the working day!

Image credit: Barry Wise / flickr.com

4. Feet on a beach

We’re not entirely sure where this craze started, and we know you’re all guilty of it, but at least get a pedicure before you flash your unkempt tootsies on the sandy shores of insert exotic location here.

Image credit: Simon Turkas / flickr.com



5. Weather Updates

Oh smart phone, how we love you so, but the creation of the weather app for people heading off on their travels has become a bit of a bind. We know it’s raining in the UK, but our faraway friends keep reminding us it’s 32 degrees in Ibiza.

Image credit: Nico Kaiser / flickr.com

6. Holiday cocktail – It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

A classic cocktail/beer/glass of wine sits idly next to a tropical pool, a sea view or sunny backdrop of choice with the caption, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” This early morning Facebook fiend is really hitting home that a) They’re not at work and you are, and b) They’re having a wonderful time sipping cocktails. Bah humbug!

Image credit: eGuide Travel / flickr.com



7. Local Cuisine

If your social media friends take pictures of their meals in your own country, what do you think will happen as soon as they’re away? Oh yes, the many images of delicious looking local cuisine making you salivate as you tuck into a salad on your lunch break, really pushes your finger towards that ‘Unfriend’ button.

Although all fairly tongue in cheek, and whilst social media is a handy way to keep in touch with friends and family when away, ensuring your privacy settings are up to scratch and being careful about what you broadcast may help to stop you returning to unwanted surprises (and keep you some Facebook friends)!

Image credit: Ruth L / flickr.com