We’ve all seen memes with cute puppies and loving dogs teaching babies how to jump, but worrying stats have suggested that in the UK this year, over two thirds (67%) of animal rescue centres saw an increase in unwanted dogs.

Many rescue dogs are abandoned after the festive period, leaving them holed up in shelters for long periods of time, lacking companionship and love.

This Christmas, why not hold off the rush to buy that time consuming puppy and consider why these rescue dogs could make you happier in the New Year?

  1. They will be grateful for a new home. Whoever coined the phrase “puppy dog eyes” was definitely looking at this little fella!
  2. Dogs can help you to relax (looks like somebody’s already very relaxed!).
  3. Dogs can help you to start exercising, if you can keep up, that is.
  4. Rescue dogs are just as smiley as pups from a trusted breeder…
  5. Dogs give the best hugs.
  6. Dogs have the capacity to sense when you’re feeling down, and do something to cheer you up.
  7. Dogs make great companions and loyal friends.

It’s clear that adopting a dog from a rescue centre is incredibly rewarding, for both you and the lucky pooch! That said, getting any dog is a big commitment, and there are a few things to bear in mind.

Things to remember when adopting a rescue dog: