A recent survey shows that the traditional banger of yesterday is well and truly gone, as parents are forking out to help their first-time drivers buy a brand new car. New drivers in 2014 no longer want to save to buy an older, used car, instead opting for fancier models with help from the bank of Mum and Dad.

A day of mourning for the rundown second-hand motor, we take a look back at some of the most popular first-time buys through the years.



Oh the swinging sixties, the age of The Beatles, Bond and the Mini. As a first car, a second-hand mini would have set the owner back around £200.  An iconic symbol of the era, mini drivers would often give each other a solitary wave as they drove by each other and were often associated with well-loved films such as the Italian Job.

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A popular choice for first-time buyers in the seventies, the Renault 12 was a French family car that was reliable but with heavy steering. The car was known as a “world car”, imported into the UK in the 1970s from France to the eager British market and as an aspirational car, may have set back new drivers a pretty penny or too.

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Classic styles of cars like a second hand mini-metro will have cost a new buyer around £550. In this attractive shade of grey, we’re not sure that anyone was attracting any potential suitors in this vehicle.

Image credit: Chris Sampson / flickr.com


As the bestselling car of the nineties, the Ford Fiesta was a common choice for first time buyers. Through the nineties the car received a series of upgrades, anti-lock brakes and electric windows, not that many first timers would be buying a brand new one, but more likely settling for this delightful samba red old school style instead.

Image credit: Brian Snelson / flickr.com




Ah, the good old Vauxhall Corsa. Trusty and compact, these handy run around cars are still widespread today as a first-time buy. Chuck in some furry dice and a pine scented air freshener for a full trip down memory lane.

Image credit: Ben Sutherland / flickr.com


Today’s motorists aren’t making do with the classic banger as a first car, but splurging their parent’s cash on a sleek black Ford Fiesta, setting the driver (or their families) back over £2000.  A far cry from the historical clapped out cars of previous decades, these top-of-the-range motors were the most popular choice for new motorists.

Many parents’ loans are coming out of concerns for their child’s safety, hence the move more towards the newer model vehicles and young driver’s telematics schemes to decrease the cost overall. Did your parents help you out with your first car? Or did you save your pennies to buy your very own retro motor?

Image credit: Doran_eirok / flickr.com

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