It’s a worrying time for gnome-owners. Not homeowners, no, but gnome-owners… or the owners of any garden ornament, for that matter.According to research carried out by The Co-operative Insurance, over a fifth of UK residents have reported their garden ornaments missing!

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the most remarkable garden ornaments adorning lawns across the world. If you see one of yours on the list, then make sure you keep a sharp lookout, and perhaps even think about investing in some extra security!

Creepy crawly

If there’s an arachnophobe in your family, then this garden ornament in the Ness Botanic Gardens, near the English and Welsh border, is definitely one to avoid. This giant spider’s web, complete with its eight-legged homeowners perched at the side, is enough to make any passer-by do a double-take.



Gnome alone

A little creepy? Perhaps. A bit of fun? Definitely. Whilst this example certainly isn’t going to win you any prizes for the most picturesque garden of the year, it’ll certainly be a point of interest for any guests who dare to venture out there.

American dream

What, you’ve never seen a giant ornament of a fist before? Well, perhaps you aren’t the only one. This larger-than-life, statuesque ornament certainly makes a statement. We aren’t sure quite what the lady standing atop the clenched fist symbolises, but it’s certainly a very patriotic looking piece of… art? We’ll let you decide.



Devil in the detail

Again, not something that you want to come across during a night-time stroll in the grounds, but it’s certainly going to make any troublemakers feel… uneasy, when entering your property. The trouble is, it might scare away harmless visitors too!

Meerkat madness

Not everyone’s first choice for a garden ornament, it has to be said, but if you fancy yourself a bit of a garden menagerie, then why not? You can’t just get one though, as meerkats rarely hang around on their own, so you’ve got to invest in the whole ‘mob’ if you want your display to look realistic.



Talking heads

Is it three large rocks, stacked on top of one another? No, you fool! It’s three rocks with animated faces painted on them! Well, you know what they say: two heads are certainly better than one. We aren’t sure about three, though.

Sleeping lady

Shh! She’s sleeping… Oh no – it’s not a lady at all, but a giant rock-like sculpture, covered in greenery. If you’re worried about the recent issue of garden ornament theft, then maybe consider something more difficult to lift, like this lady. Not the first choice for a thief with sticky fingers, we imagine.


Whatever your style of garden ornament, you should be able to sleep sound in the knowledge that your possessions are safe. If you can’t lock up your garden ornaments and items of furniture, perhaps the answer is to go for something altogether more unusual, like the examples above.