Social media can be heaps of fun: you can catch up with long-lost friends, play games and even share updates from the amazing holiday you’re on. However, this latter pastime could land you in hotter water than the stuff you tweeted about swimming in…

Ex-Corrie star, Helen Flanagan, provided evidence for recent stats by becoming the victim of a burglary, after tweeting that she was home alone. But it isn’t just tweets about your whereabouts that could put you in the danger zone – a whopping 74% of adults didn’t realise they could deactivate their social media location settings, while 10% didn’t know how to change their privacy settings!

This isn’t the only way that social media could get you into bother though – here are seven more:


Posting on the wrong account

Do you manage a company Facebook page? Do you have to switch between your own Twitter account and your company’s? Beware! You could fall into the trap of not realising that you’ve posted something meant for your own followers, to those of the business you work for.


‘Liking’ something incriminating

Did you know that when you have ‘liked’ a picture on Facebook, it can show up in your friends’ newsfeeds? This can be particularly troublesome for those who have clicked that fatal thumbs up on a picture of a scantily-clad woman or oiled-up hunk, only for the news to pop up on their partner’s timeline.


Jumping on news stories

This one particularly applies to those jumping on Twitter hashtags to try and get their company’s updates noticed. Using the hashtag to pledge help in some way? Good. Using it to try and promote a completely unrelated product? Very, very bad. Just take a look at Kenneth Cole’s underhand marketing tactics at the time of the Cairo riots.


Facebook stalking

We’re all guilty of having a little Facebook stalk, whether it’s a partner’s ex, a soon-to-be new colleague or your arch enemy. There’s just one problem: if you accidentally ‘like’ one of their updates as you’re scrolling, or hit the Friend Request button by accident, you’ll be rumbled, and more than a little embarrassed!



Oversharing on such a public platform is bound to go wrong, especially if it’s your hatred for your boss or far too frequent declarations of boundless love for your significant other. While the former could end up getting you sacked, the latter could end up alienating some of your other loved ones. They know how happy you are; they don’t need to be told in every Facebook or Twitter update.


Tweeting the wrong person

Check before you tweet! There are so many people using Twitter that if you get just one character of their username wrong, you could end up sending an update to a complete stranger! Or, in recent cases, the wrong celebrity



For many people, alcohol is something of a truth serum; one too many and they’re revealing their deepest, darkest thoughts and desires. This can’t just get you into trouble in real life though – reveal them on Facebook and you could end up angering a lot of people, even if what you were saying was meant to be a heat-of-the-moment joke.

As you can see, social media definitely isn’t the place to throw caution to the wind! Don’t let that spoil your fun though, simply think twice before typing.