Sunday October 30th marks the end of British Summer Time: the day when clocks are wound back and dark, wintery nights close in. But a change in daylight hours isn’t the only result of this yearly event. It also marks a period where we see a spike in criminal activity.

The Co-op Insurance’s claims data shows that once the clocks go back, home thefts increase by 36 per cent, and motor claims see an upturn of 6 per cent. To avoid attracting unwanted attention to your home, it’s a good idea to be extra vigilant over the winter period and ensure that effective security measures are in place. Speaking to 25 former burglars in the UK, the Co-op found that movement-activated security lights and CCTV cameras are some of the most effective deterrents.

Like to go out at the weekend? Be aware – Friday is the most notorious day for winter theft claims, with Saturday following closely. Make sure to check all doors and windows before leaving your property. If you rely on shutting the curtains or keeping the lights on to dissuade roving eyes, this may not act as a deterrent. Ex-criminals argue that electronic devices like burglar alarms, or even barking dogs, are more likely to stop your property becoming a target.